Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is different about your kebab meat?

    The quality and lean meat content is much higher in our kebabs than a traditional UK kebab. We do not use excessive fillers like rusk, oil and water to form the meat which is all wasted when the cooking process begins resulting in a dry coarse meat. Our Berlin Döner is made with lean cuts of beef and turkey breast to keep the meat juicy and moist and our chicken shawarma is made with chicken leg and thigh. Our kebabs contain up to 85% lean meat. During our research we found that some UK kebabs contained as little as 25% lean meat. We want to challenge the industry to improve the quality and perception of this incredible food.

  2. What is a German Döner Kebap?

    After the second world war, Turkish guest workers were invited to Germany but it wasn’t until 1972 that a certain Mr Kadir Nurman invented the Döner Kebap for Berliners on the move. He set up a stall in West Berlin selling simple grilled meats with salad in a flatbread called kebaps and it was so popular that the idea was copied all over Europe. Kebaps are Germany’s national dish and outsell other street foods by 3 to 1. There are now over 40,000 outlets in Germany and over 1,000 in Berlin alone with some people estimating that may be more than Istanbul!

  3. Do you do take out or delivery?

    Currently we only offer a take out service. You can place your order by calling, or dropping in to your local restaurant. Orders of £25 or more will need to paid over the phone prior to collection. An average order should take between 10-15mins except at peak times.

  4. Why are you not on Uber Eats or Deliveroo?

    We do not believe that online sites currently provide the standard of service that we want associated with our business. These companies also take a large percentage (33%) of the order value which can put restaurant businesses under considerable financial pressure. The affect of this on the industry is that some operators may decide to use cheaper ingredients and reduce their staffs working hours to compensate. We do not believe that this is a sustainable way to operate a restaurant and would urge our customers to come directly to us and dine in to get the full experience we offer.

  5. Do you add a service charge to the bill?

    No. However, the managers at their discretion have the authority to add a 10% service charge should the need arise (i.e. breakages, excessive mess left at table, large parties (15+) without booking). If added it will be clearly marked on the receipt.

  6. Do you cater for vegetarians or vegans?

    Yes we do. We have both vegetarian and vegan options on our menu and they are marked with a (V). In some cases we can tweak the dishes to make them vegan, please speak to your server when ordering at the restaurant.

  7. I have special dietary needs; Can I eat at Döner Haus?

    You can view our allergen information here. We will always do our best to cater to your requirements, so if you have any concerns, please speak to your server when you arrive.

  8. Can I just come in for drinks?

    Yes, we have designated seats at the bar for drinks. However if you are occupying a table at peak times, we may ask for the table back after 2 hours to allow as many of our customers to enjoy Döner Haus as possible.

  9. Do you have a dress code?

    No, however we would kindly ask that you cover any football colours as best as possible. This is a must on match days!

  10. Is your menu Kosher?

    Unfortunately we do not serve Kosher certified items.

  11. Is your menu Halal?

    Some of our items including our Döner and Shawarma are both certified halal. We do serve non-halal products but we take great care to store, cook and serve these items separately. A copy of the certificate will be available online shortly.

  12. Can I purchase a gift card?

    Yes! You can buy Döner Haus gift cards in any of our restaurants and soon from this website. You can buy a gift card from as little as a £10 to as much as £100 and they are valid for six months from purchase.

  13. Can you donate a prize to our charity?

    Contrary to what people may think, Döner Haus is a family business. Therefore our outlook is not solely about profits, it is also about community. Therefore we partner with a different charity every year and for 2019 we have decided to partner with the Beatson Cancer Charity in Glasgow. Cancer affects so many of us and the staff and volunteers at the Beatson have played a big part in our lives so we can’t think of a more fitting charity to help and support by raising funds. To find out more or to get involved please go to

  14. Do your staff keep their tips?

    Yes. We believe that our entire team are responsible for creating a good experience for our customers so we distribute all cash and card tips equally across the entire team based on hours worked.

  15. Are dogs allowed in to your restaurants?

    Only guide dogs are permitted.

  16. Do you franchise?

    We have an ambitious business plan and franchising is at the very heart of it. To find out more click here